Julie is a brazilian singer, actress and musician. Has duets with the guitarist Pedro Franco and the pianist Gabriel Geszti. At age 14, played the leading role at Anne Fank's Diary. Nowadays stars at plays and musicals in Rio de Janeiro, such as: Dois Amores e um Bicho, Contra o Vento – um musicaos, Edypop, Brilho da Noite and A Lenda do Vale da Lua. Has an active show agenda as a singer in Brazil. Julie is also a PhD student in Cognitive Neuosciences by Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

      Julie sings in cultural spaces in Brazil such as TribOz, Casa do Choro, Centro Cultural Carioca and the tradicional Beco das Garrafas in Rio de Janeiro. Has a duet of piano, voice and accordion with Gabriel Geszti and a duet of voice and guitar with the composer and guitarist Pedro Franco.

     Was a special guest of International Festival Festina Lente in Europe with the guitarist Marcelo Machado. While in Europe, Julie sang in Barcelona at Guzzo and Fizz. Recorded in the CD "Parte de Mim" invited by the arranger Mario da Silva and producer Renato Piau.

      Was one of the three winners of the contest “Meu Aluvião (My River)”. In 2018 will have the first single produced and launched by Delia Fischer, on the music Aluvião (Delia Fischer e Sérgio Natureza).

     Recorded a song at “Nascimento das Canções”, a CD in tribute to Milton Nascimento, idealized and produced by Robertinho Silva and Alexandre Ito, with musicians such as Yamandu Costa, Carlos Malta and Bárbara Barcellos. Is Felipe Habib’s assistant at Studio 88.



Main works in Theatre and Musical Theatre: 

Dois Amores e um Bicho (2017) – Sesc Copacabana – leading actress and musician (piano,  cello);


Contra o Vento – um musicaos (2015-17) – CCBB RJ, Brasília e BH – singer, actress and musician (piano, bass and cello);


Edypop (2014) – Sérgio Porto Theatre and Cultural Space Escola SESC – singer, actress and stand-in pianist.


Brilho da Noite (2014-15) – SESC Copacabana e Café Pequeno Theatre – piano and vocals.

A Lenda do Vale da Lua (2015-16) – Oi Futuro Flamengo Theatre – actress, singer and musician (accordion and cello).

Pai (2017) –  SESC Copacabana – vocal coach “Help”.


Dez dias que abalaram o mundo (2017) – Armazém da Utopia - vocal coach. 

Ayrton Senna - o musical (2017) – Teatro Riachuelo - vocal maintenance during season.


PhD student of Cognitive Neuroscience of Music at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Bachelor in Biophysics by Federal University of Rio de Janiero.


       Studied with Romildo Weingartner and Iura Ranevsky (cello), Gabriel Gezsti, Analaura de Souza Pinto and Rafael Vernet (piano), Marcelo Caldi (accordion), Marcelo Rodolfo, Amelia Rabello and Felipe Habib (singing), Bernardo Ramos (group practice), Itiberê Zwarg (Universal Music School).

     Was part of several choires in chilhood and adolescence, such as Brasileirinho, Sion e Curumim.

Julie's mentors in performing arts were the actors Luis Melo ( "The criative actor") and Clarisse Abujamra ("Body, Voice and Thought"). Studied cinema with Luciano Coelho ("Script for movies") and Tom Lisboa ("Movies' history").

Was an assitant teacher at Jaime Axôra dance school of Ipanema. Masters ballroom dance rithms (Salsa, Zouk, Tango, Bolero, Gafieria e Forró).

      Studies Alexander Technique with Gabriela Geluda (body and voice). Has her body work developed by Rocio Infante (Movement Consciousnes and Contemporary Dance, Angel Vianna Dance School).





Age: 26 (08/10/1991)

Hometown: Curitiba, Brazil

Actual town: Rio de Janeiro

DRT (actress register): 28.145 / PR

OMB (musician register): 19.680

Photo: Michel Schettert

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