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A Lenda do Vale da Lua (Moon Valley Legend)
From 12.12.15 to 02.14.16 at Oi Futuro do Flamengo Theatre
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Julie Wein stars the musical "A Lenda do Vale da Lua" as actress, singer and musician. Character: Lucia and storyteller. Instruments: cello and accordion.


Text and direction: João das Neves. Music: Chico César. Musical Direction: Beto Lemos 


This classic receives for the first time the direction of it's own author, João das Neves. The text reveals the richness of brazilian language and culture by mentioning old traditions and stimulating kids' criativity. Dancing, singing, and storytelling as a dynamic criative process without tricks or boundaries where who leads is the imagination.


Cast: Carol Gomes, Clara Santhana, João Lucas Romero, Julie Wein, Luiz Claudio Gomes, Vicente Coelho 

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